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  • An exercise program is fundamental to weight loss. The amino acids in your muscles are constantly being replaced. To compensate for the lower caloric intake your body will grab these Amino acids instead of burn fat. The results is the loss of muscle mass.
  • Remember: Restrict intake to lose weight. Exercise to maintain strength
  • Maintenance requires a lifestyle change. It is easier to gain the weight back than it is to lose. Walking is easy to do. fit it in three times a week at least.
  • You are less likely to injure your self by walking. Our Doctor is not enthusiastic about Tina or I running. If either of us come up lame, It will defeat the purpose of maintenance.
  • FYI 1 mile walk will burn 80 to 110 calories and takes just 20 to 25 minutes
  • It is total time and effort not distance that burns the calories and maintains your body

Where to walk? Close and convenient

  1. Around the block
  2. Public School track
  3. Public Park
  4. Walking trails
  5. The mall
  6. Country Roads