In our rush to dump fat, our muscle tone will suffer. If we do not exercise and increase our protein intake, We lose muscle mass and our Metabolic rate goes down. The next cycle of weight gain and weight loss, a bigger percentage of our next weight gain will be mostly fat,

Protein is the second easiest food to metabolize., Behind carbohydrates.[Foot note 1].

Proteins are slowly broken down into amino acids in the digestive tract. The main functions of amino acids are to repair, replace and construct new proteins. The secondary function of amino acids is an energy source like sugar. The liver can easily rip the nitrogen component (NH4) off of the amino acid and use the remainder for energy . (Diabetics, amino acids are the same as Sugar. Be cautious of drinks labeled as high protein if the drink is mostly amino acids.)

The body is so efficient with protein and amino acids usage, that it is a wonder why we even bother with fats and carbohydrates. Why bother?

  • Because of the many famines throughout history, perpetuation of the species has stacked the deck towards survival of the fattest. Stored Fat is very hard to utilize as a source of energy. The absorption through diet intake is slow. The majority of consumed fat pass through our digestive system. Stored fat is difficult to utalize. So, Getting stored fat utilized is a case of last resort. Good for perpetuation of the species. Excess fat is bad for our health during times of plenty.
  • A hunk of meat rewires hunting an killing game. Not an everyday occurrence in our formative past.
  • It is easier to consume Plant Material then to chase down a prey animal.
Protein Drink
I have found the addition of a protein drink at meal time curbs cravings on diet days (150 calorie, 30 grams Protein per cup).I am diabetic. I treat the drink as a carbohydrate

Down at the cellular level, the amino acids can be converted to fats or carbohydrates. Yes, we convert our excess carbohydrates and amino acid to fat. When you diet, you are creating a mini famine. Amino acid and carbohydrate shortages lead to protein cannibalism. Some fat is utilized but Protein synthesis is curtailed for energy needs. Exercise is the only way to force protein synthesis during diet. Think of it this way, Our ancestors had to run hard to harvest that antelope

The amount of protein your body requires depends on your activity level and your weight. For most people, eating 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight is a good rule of thumb. Athletes require more protein, as well as carbohydrates, because they burn more energy before, during, and after their workouts [Footnote 2]

It is important to keep a record of all your food intake and activities during a diet., on your smart phone, is a great way to do it.

Is protein supplementation hard on your kidneys? Several studies have found no evidence of protein toxicity due to high protein intakes on kidney function in healthy people [Footnote 3]. Still, it is a good idea to keep track of your Dietary Intake and Energy Expenditures.

Exercise on diet days pays dividends. Use it or Lose it.