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Weather Update

Time in Fredericksburg:


Roxanne Morgan's Deer is back from the Taxidermist


Jordan and Hannah Morgan had a successful Hunt

Hannah Discusses Her First Hog Harvest


Mitch Kelley video taped several of his trips here.



Update November 27, 2011

Shelby (First Deer Ever), Beau, Ashley and Cleave with their Saturday Harvest

Mitch Kelley Harvested this 8 Point Buck BC score 110 at #6

Donnie Robertson harvest this 300 pound hog at #11



Update October 30, 2011

Beau Robertson harvested this 9 point buck this morning at #6 B. C. Score is 121-5/8 I believe

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Update October 29, 2011

Beau Robertson returned from a successful hunt near Cody Wyoming. Here is a picture of his 7 by 7 harvest.

For more pictures and video click Here

Update October 15, 2011

Brian harvested this BC 130 8-Point Buck October 15, 2011


Update September 30, 2011

Brian Robertson harvested these two male Coyotes at #7