The Rules

Riley Ranch
Christina & Kenneth Shilkun Owners

112 Itz-Kast Rd.
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

•  Obey all game laws set by the State of Texas.

•  Agree to harvest recommendations, and season limits set by the owner.

•  Do not cross any fence line into any other person's property for any reason.

•  Do not litter.

•  No Smoking in fields, in deer blinds or cabin.

•  Make a concerted effort to find any deer you shoot. Report any wounded but lost deer.

•  No drinking while hunting.

•  Leave all gates the way you find them.

•  No hunting on fence lines.

•  Notify us at least 24 hours before arrival (830) 685-3261, or e-Mail us here.

Failure to follow any of these rules will immediately terminate everyone's privilege to remain on the property. You will be asked to leave immediately and will not be allowed to return.